Infographic: 6 Facts About AI

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6 Facts About AI

[Updated 19 May 2024, next update 9 October 2024]

While the constant innovation and integration of artificial intelligence technology seems to progress at a dizzying rate, its developments are producing remarkable results.

The team at Eight PR has had a nose around and come up with 6 facts about artificial intelligence that show the impact this is having on enterprises and humans.

Whether it's enhancing manufacturing or transforming how supply chains operate, there is a great expectation of AI delivering on so many promises and producing economic benefits.

Yes, there's hype, a prospect of AI tool consolidation and regulatory measures being introduced. Yet the current AI ride is exciting.


We opted for a purple colour this time for a change and hope you find the infographic interesting.

Infographic talking about 6 facts about AI, how it's here more than people realise, and the future looks bright despite the hype and job loss concern

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