Artificial Intelligence: The Good, the Bad, and the OMG

We’ve got to admit that artificial intelligence interests us probably a lot more than it should. We’re not knee-deep in the theory, algorithms, or drawing equations on a blackboard. Yet. 

Aside from the tech required to make AI possible, we are fascinated by how it is being used in different ways across all industry sectors and even in PR.  

AI is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally performed by humans. No longer a buzzword, AI is a critical part of enterprise digital transformation and businesses are seeing the value in having a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO). 

Critical because today it’s all about data. 

A CAIO helps an organization understand how data can improve operations and deliver results. While many companies rely on traditional methods and strategies, a company with a CAIO canfigure out the latest and most advanced ways to use data accurately and effectively. 

Back in 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported that a handful of companies had hired CIAOs. Fast forward today and a simple search reveals CAIOs are on board at Anastasia, Cambia  HealthSolutions Inc., Toronto-Dominion Bank Group, Schneider Electric, Levis, IBM, PertexaHealthTech, Michelin, WeBank, NASA, The Pentagon, eBay, and the U.S. Navy. To name a few.

In public relations, AI is being used in various areas, including: 

  • Bots to track clients and competitors 
  • Media coverage tracking 
  • Trend research 
  • Building websites 
  • Report compilation 

Artificial intelligence works by analyzing data and automating repetitive processes, meaning the days of dedicating humans and hours to produce reports, media monitoring, and producing reports to summarise coverage are numbered. 

The Bad (not really bad, just works in progress)

However, there are a few sticking points to AI. 

First, AI cannot read and understand the nuances of human interaction and communication and has difficulty grasping sarcasm, jokes, metaphors, and other figures of speech. There still needs to be a human to polish any AI-produced content. 

Second, trust. AI is only as good as the data it is given, and if that data is inaccurate or biased, the AI will produce skewed results. 

Third, translations using AI. AI still cannot translate text from one language to another perfectly. So, if you’re looking for AI-powered translations, you’ll require a human editor to review the results. Sure, Google Translate and others of the same ilk do a great job of approximating translations, but they’re not perfect. 

Fourth, AI is expensive. You need the right hardware, software, and data scientists to make it work for your business. 

Finally, AI requires human intervention to be effective. It’s not a silver bullet that can be left to run on its own - someone needs to monitor and fine-tune it as needed. 

Data Drives The World 

Despite all these challenges, AI is becoming more sophisticated and is seeping into the business world. A world where data-driven strategies are key to surviving and thriving in the digital age. The saying may be overused, but data is the new oil. With the volumes of data being produced, the ability to determine how AI can turn that data into ‘oil’ is of paramount importance. 

Yet, according to Seagate, only 32% of data available to enterprises is put to work; just think of all those missed opportunities, insights, and efficiencies. IDC estimates that by 2025, nearly 30% of data will need real-time processing. 

With that much data to crunch, it is clear enterprises need to constantly rethink how they’re using data and how AI can help. 

5 AI PR Tools We Love 

Before we go, we’ve made room to talk about five great PR tools we applaud. None of these are clients; we think their products are cool.

Exploding Topics helps content marketers identify trending topics in real-time by analyzing data from social media and other online sources to identify keywords and phrases. This is incredibly useful for businesses wanting to stay up-to-date on what’s being discussed in their industry and capitalize on the latest trends. 

This gives you the ability to spin up content that applies to what people are searching for right now, giving you an advantage over your competition. By creating content around these topics, you can ensure that your site is being seen by people who are already interested in what you have to say. 

Yes, there is Google Trends but you’ll need to spend a lot of time trying to determine what’s hot now and to understand the search over a specific time. Exploding Topics shows keyword graphs and more. 

Exploding Topics uses a monthly and yearly subscription model. 

We were so impressed with Otter’s trial version we took out an annual subscription immediately and constantly tell our clients and friends about its greatness. 

Otter is an AI-powered assistant that takes care of the transcriptions for you. Simply download the app, create an account, and then record your meetings, phone calls, or even lectures. It also  integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

This is a seriously good bit of kit and is an absolute must-have for any PR professional who spends a lot of time on conference calls or in meetings. Otter transcribes in real-time and is great for quickly reviewing meeting minutes or interviews. 

Free and pro plans. 

3) SparkToro 

SparkToro is a company that helps businesses and individuals understand and target their audience on social media. 

They do this by providing data and insights about social media platforms, including who is using them, what they are talking about, and where they are located. This information can create targeted advertising campaigns, and content that is more likely to be seen and shared by potential customers. 

Free trial offered before committing to a paid plan. 

Enter a keyword, wait a few seconds, and get served everything people have searched for on that topic. AnswerThePublic is hugely useful for developing blog post ideas and generating social media content. 

The content is served in nice graphics and all can be downloaded to in Excel or CSV format. You can search for your company name worldwide or in specific countries. We use it to find out what people search for within a generic or target keyword for potential blog posts. 

It’s a fascinating and useful tool for any business looking to understand what potential customers search forin their industry sector. The trick is to turn this intelligence to your advantage. 

Three free searches per day and pro plans.

This is a great tool for quickly and easily measuring the effectiveness of your media relations campaigns. 

CoverageBooks allows you to track how much media coverage you are getting, who is writing about you, and what they are saying. This information can improve future campaigns by targeting specific publications and influencers. 

CoverageBooks has a free trial and pro plans. 

[Note: We are AI fans and anything wrong with or mistakes made in the above article is down to our wild enthusiasm, interest, and the geekiness getting the better of us.] 


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