We've Got News! Eight PR Launches Chatbot (2023)

EightPR Chatbot Now Available On The Poe AI Platform

We're super excited to introduce Eight PR's newest team member - our chatbot! With a twist!

Instead of opting for a human name, we decided to keep things simple and in line with our brand identity.

So, meet EightPR - your new 24/7 PR guru!

EightPR Helps You

The EightPR chatbot's purpose is to answer any question you have about public relations 24/7. Whether you're new to the world of PR or just need a quick refresher, EightPR is there for you day or night. Just like the real life us!

Human-Led PR

While our chatbot is a fantastic tool for answering questions about public relations, it's not a complete replacement for human interaction.

The drawback to AI and chatbots is that they lack the ability to fully comprehend nuanced situations, understand emotions, or provide the personal touch that comes from human-to-human communication.

They're programmed to respond to specific prompts and cannot think creatively or outside their coding. They are trained on different sets (the Poe platform leverages Quora), they sometimes hallucinate, and every fact has to be checked.

[We asked another chatbot what Sir Winston Churchill's favourite dessert was, then questioned the results. Eight sources were given and every single one returned a 404 when we checked.]

So, while the EightPR chatbot can provide quick answers and basic guidance, our human-led PR team is ready to provide the in-depth advice and personalized strategies that only mature, experienced, and expert PR pros can offer.

Try EightPR Today!

Pop over to EightPR (www.poe.com/EightPR) and ask your PR question! EightPR Chat is hosted on the Poe platform and registration is required.

Eight PR is a PR agency in Hong Kong specialising in technology, financial services, and legal sectors.

From media relations to content development, corporate reputation management to thought leadership programmes, and digital communications, we've got you covered. Our goal is simple: to empower your business with all things PR and help you succeed.