Eight PR: Your Technology PR Partner

PR Agencies in Hong Kong

The dynamic landscape of the technology sector requires creative thinking, effective communication strategies, and a commitment to staying ahead of the trends.

As a technology company, your brand reputation is everything and having a solid PR strategy is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

We understand the nuances of the tech industry, and how to help clients reach their business objectives.

Here's why Eight PR is the go-to agency for all your technology PR needs in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific region.

Deep Knowledge of Technology Sector

We're constantly staying current on the latest trends, advancements, and challenges facing the industry today and even six months ahead.

With this knowledge, we're able to develop informed and effective communication strategies that resonate with our clients' audiences.

Creative Approach

The technology industry is known for being innovative and disruptive, and we believe that PR strategies should be too.

At Eight PR, we take a creative approach to our work by developing unique and impactful ideas to help clients stand out in the market and catch the attention of target audiences.

We thrive on the challenge of getting our clients noticed.

Building Brand Reputation

At Eight PR, we know how important it is to build and maintain a strong brand reputation and we work closely with our clients to develop messaging that accurately represents their brand values and goals.

This includes various creative tactics - sometimes hiding in plain sight - to maintain, retain and grow reputations to generate business, retaining clients, and attracting / keeping talented staff.

Measurable Success

We've got to tell you, we're not big fans of the hourly charge out rate because we believe this puts too much emphasis on the time spent rather than the value delivered.

At Eight PR, we take a different, deliverables approach. By working closely with clients, we develop a custom PR and time-efficient solution with clear objectives to achieve specific and effective outcomes.

Committed to our Clients

We believe that a strong partnership is the key to achieving our clients' goals. This means senior executives do not fly in and fly out for pitches, or you always seem to work or see a different person on the account every month.

Instead, our senior executives take an active role in all aspects of the work and are committed to transparency, collaboration, and open communications.

Keeping Pace With Technologies

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, public relations has become a more complex and evolving industry. We see this as an exciting opportunity to embrace innovation and explore the possibilities that emerge from change.

By harnessing the power of media and technology, we help our clients elevate their profile, maximise their reach, provide actionable market intelligence, and simplify processes.

Why Eight PR?

'Eight' was chosen deliberately as the name represents a play on words such as 'Great', 'Resonate', 'Elevate', and 'Relate', all of which and more describe the impact we aim to make.

Our unbridled enthusiasm, passion and curiosity for all-things tech combined with our PR expertise means we can help you communicate your message with clarity.

We understand the unique challenges facing technology businesses and have the expertise to develop customized, impactful PR campaigns in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

Through an established network of independent PR agencies par excellence in China, Japan, Singapore, and more, we offer a seamless service for clients in the region and beyond.

Our deep knowledge of the technology sector, creative approach, and commitment to delivering measurable success make us the go-to PR agency for technology small to large enterprises.

Contact us today at eight@eightpr.com