The Changing World of AI

Artificial intelligence has already changed the world as we know it. Its impact will only continue to grow in the years to come and become ever more accessible and affordable for all industry sectors. 

AI is being used more and more to automate tasks, improve efficiency andaccuracy, and decide. Most times, AI does these things better than humans. For example, AI can quickly analyze data to identify patterns and trends without biases that humans may use when analysing the same information. 

Healthcare, education, banking, transportation, entertainment, and manufacturing sectors are seeing a rapid AI infusion and will further transformin ways we cannot even imagine. 

The whole subject is fascinating because of the many opportunities AI holds for the future. 


AI can collect and compile information like never before with machine learning algorithms that make independent discoveries about diseases and treatment methods not known by humans before. The possibilities for future AI in medicine seem endless and we can expect artificial intelligence to make strides in the industry sector that will change how we approach disease diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

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From tutoring programs to training simulations, virtual reality breakthroughs open up new opportunities for further exploration of educational tools. Schools have been turning toward online curriculum while others use immersion teaching methods through virtual reality applications that give students an entirely unique learning experience while being able to learn anywhere.  


The rate of growth for this industry sector will continue to increase as autonomous vehicles become more popular throughout urban, suburban, and rural areas. People who normally rely on driving themselves or using public transit will begin using these new services provided by AI-created driving systems. The self-driving sector is tiny when compared to the overall automobile industry, yet, every day, more people see the benefits associated with this technology. 


Industrial Artificial intelligence (IAI) is creating smarter machines that are revolutionizing the production side of business by increasing output while decreasing costs. Automation in factories gives workers more time to focus onother areas instead of tedious assembly lines processes, which leaves room for growth opportunities. 

[China’s 14th Five-Year Plan looks to achieve digitalisation in 70% of manufacturing enterprises by 2025.] 


The entertainment industry has seen an influx not just in movies but also gaming systems using artificial intelligence. Movie studios are using AI driven motion capture to create realistic action sequences with less editing needed after shooting has finished. Using artificial intelligence in this industry sector is having an enormous impact on how people are entertained. 

Banking & Finance 

The more complex and transforming the economy becomes, the more helpful AI driven software will be for humans. Some of the most highly valued companies are in the financial sector and they seem to push artificial intelligence on all fronts and across banking, finance and trading. For example, flash trading (and the flash crash on 6 May 2010), high frequency trading, and algorithmic trading. 

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