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Callsign’s Value of Digital Trust Index Report 

Eight Public Relations helped Callsign promote their global Value of Digital Trust Index Report (in conjunction with Cebr) in the Asia Pacific region. This involved a press release for the Asia Pacific region and arranging a radio interview with MoneyFM – Prime Time, a Tier 1 broadcast media in Singapore.  

The Value of Digital Trust Index Report for the first time quantifies the value of digital trust to society and the economy to the tune of US$3,000 gross domestic product per capita. 

The report also found an emerging digital trust gap with the Asia Pacific region having a positive digital trust gap meaning this is higher than societal trust. This at a time when the digital economy is expected to grow to US$20.8 trillion by 2025 and the
cost of online crime to US$10.5 trillion. 

Another telling piece from the research was how 53% of APAC consumers expect governments to create a more secure digital world and 79% supporting a digital identity system. 

MoneyFM – Prime Time

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Check out the interview on Prime Time by Bharati Jagdish who spoke with Callsign’s Namrata Jolly, APAC General Manager, about the Value of Digital Trust Index Report. 

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