In The News - Callsign talks about SIM Swap Fraud

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Callsign Case Study - Thought Leadership Programme

Callsign is pioneering digital trust through proprietary technology that uniquely mimics the way humans identify each other in the real world. Positive identification of genuine users delivers privacy, safety and minimal friction whilst ensuring that bad actors are blocked. 

Eight Public Relations works with Callsign, in part, to cultivate relationships with Tier 1 technology, business & finance media in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. This helps generate positive media coverage and exposure for Callsign.

Having never gone away, SIM Swap fraud is a global problem yet there is currently a resurgence of this crime across the Asia Pacific region. This account takeover scam occurs when a fraudster uses deceptive means to convince a victim's phone service provider to transfer the victim's phone number to the fraudster's phone. 

Usually beginning with a phishing attack, once the number is transferred, the fraudster has access to all of the victim's accounts that are linked to their phone number - including email, social media, and financial accounts. 

Leveraging our strong connections with the media, Eight Public Relatons secured byline article coverage in Disruptive.Asia, a Tier 1 Enterprise Technology media, to look at SIM Card swapping in more detail.

This took a look at the reliance by financial institutions on one-time passwords delivered by SMS and how this technology is vulnerable to attacks by criminals and how technology exists to reduce or cancel this fraud. 


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