Reading Matters #1

April 2022

· Public Relations

Things we read about and attended together with our Robot of the Month.

The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is a way of living that focuses on keeping resources in use for as long as possible, and recycling and regenerating them at the end of their life cycle. We've begun to see more articles on this subject, especially in Europe. CE has been around for years but now due to regulations and policies by various countries, there will be a larger focus on it. This topic spurred us into action by locating all the old electronic devices kept at home and developed a new blog post.


Greenwashing is the act of misleading consumers about the environmental benefits of a product or company. Sometimes companies will try to make it seem like they are more environmentally friendly than they are, through things like naming products green or using misleading advertising. From a PR perspective, greenwashing can be very damaging. Look out for the blog post on this topic coming soon.


When machine learning meets artificial intelligence and intelligent devices and hardware, tiny things happen. We are still learning about TinyML but it does sound exciting.

Edge Artificial Intelligence

Edge artificial intelligence processes information at the network edge or as close to the source of data as possible. Able to handle big data volume and make real-time decisions without relying on centralized processing. 

[I'm sure we experienced edge AI in a shopping mall in Zhuhai, China a few years ago. We parked in the mall's car park and left after three hours thus qualifying for the free parking. Rather than queue up at a counter for our ticket to be validated, we drove to the exit kiosk, the number plate was read, the arm lifted and we left without paying. A process lasting under ten seconds.]

New Collar

We read an article in the Wall Street Journal talking about what happens when companies forego the pre-qualification conditions for candidates to apply for jobs and the emergence of a new term i.e., 'new collar'. 

Quark-gluon Plasma

We found this in a bizaare way from a Words With Friends game against an AI player who played QGP. We've always felt abbreviations shouldn't be allowed in word games but our dark matter was nudged so we looked into QGP. We found a blog post about QGP but got a little lost at 'QGP is a liquid of quarks and gluons bound together'. The author says there aren't any practical applications. Something to keep an eye out in the future.

Transformer AI

Skynet (Terminator) just got a little closer. In Disruptive.Asia, we read about how transformers are a neural AI network that understand context and, according to Nvidia, will play a huge role in the metaverse due to all the AI that is required to make it all work.  


In April, we attended a Telum client-exclusive virtual event with CorporateTreasurer and a PR Newswire webinar on 'Communicating in the Ever-changing Crypto World'. Next month looks to be even busier on the webinar front and we're also seeing some in-person events being scheduled again.

ReThink #acceleratethechange

We signed up for a display stand (No.8 naturally) at ReThink. This is a two-day conference and expo taking place in October, which will host 3,000+ attendees and designed specifically for Hong Kong business leaders, sustainability practitioners, and those responsible for researching and resourcing new sustainable strategies. Look out for more news on this and blog posts.

Robot of the Month

We spotted this unit gliding about New Town Plaza Shopping Mall, Shatin.

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