Eight PR Case Study 2024: K3 Legal Expands To Hong Kong

A Case Study in Strategic PR and Market Entry

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In April 2024, K3 Legal, a leading law firm based in Auckland, New Zealand, made a significant move by establishing its first office outside of New Zealand in Hong Kong in association with Fred Kan & Co.

The strategic public relations (PR) efforts undertaken by Eight PR played a pivotal role in securing prominent interviews, crafting a compelling press release, and achieving extensive local and international media coverage for K3 Legal Hong Kong.

Securing Prominent Interviews

Eight PR strategically leveraged its network and expertise to secure interviews for Ms. Margaret Chen, the Head of K3 Legal Hong Kong. Through targeted outreach and relationship building, Eight PR facilitated interviews with reputable media channels, allowing K3 Legal to share its vision, objectives, and the significance of its expansion into the Hong Kong market with a broad audience.

Writing a Compelling Press Release

Eight PR collaborated closely with K3 Legal to craft a compelling press release that effectively communicated the firm's milestone achievement and its strategic partnership with Fred Kan & Co.

The press release highlighted the opportunities K3 Legal's expansion brought for investors, private equity, family offices, high net worth individuals, and companies, emphasizing the seamless legal services it would offer across multiple jurisdictions.

Eight PR's expertise in content creation ensured that the press release resonated with the target audience and the media.

Achieving Widespread Local and International Coverage

Through a well-coordinated media outreach strategy, Eight PR successfully secured widespread coverage of K3 Legal's expansion into Hong Kong across local and international media channels.

The strategic dissemination of the press release and the facilitated interviews led to extensive coverage in prominent legal, business, and trade publications, amplifying K3 Legal's presence and positioning the firm as a key player in the Hong Kong legal market.

The coverage raised awareness about K3 Legal's expansion and showcased the firm's expertise and capabilities to a global audience.

Eight PR Leads

In addition to public relations, Eight PR's business growth arm, Eight PR Leads, facilitated business-to-business introductions, connecting K3 Legal with a senior partner from a prominent Big Four accounting firm and establishing relationships with two influential chambers of commerce, notably the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association.


The successful expansion of K3 Legal into Hong Kong stands as a testament to the strategic PR efforts orchestrated by Eight PR.

Through securing prominent interviews, crafting a compelling press release, achieving widespread local and international media coverage, and leveraging an extensive connections network, Eight PR played a crucial role in positioning K3 Legal Hong Kong as a reputable and influential player in the Hong Kong legal landscape.

As the firm continues to grow its presence in Hong Kong and beyond, the strategic PR initiatives undertaken by Eight PR will remain pivotal in amplifying K3 Legal Hong Kong's visibility, credibility, and impact in the global legal arena.


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