Eight PR Strategic Uses Of PR Secondment (2023)

In today's competitive hiring landscape, attracting and retaining top PR talent has never been more challenging.

The ongoing struggle to source skilled professionals threatens to stifle organizations' communications efforts.

However, there is an alternative approach that can help mitigate these talent risks - the strategic use of secondments.

By embedding experienced practitioners from partner firms on a temporary basis, companies can access a ready pool of dedicated support to elevate projects, without the fatigue of endless recruiting.

Prudent and Insightful Solution

In fact, secondments may be one of the most prudent and insightful ways to not just plug skills gaps, but nurture the ongoing relationships that are so vital to the PR profession.

With a secondment model, employers obtain the expertise and perspective of senior advisors customized to meet their unique needs - all while sparing themselves the uncertainty of the open market.

Earlier this month we launched the Eight PR Secondment Initiative to help law and tech firms alleviate pressures and gain strategic insights without the need for a full time hire.

The Initiative offers firms an opportunity to have a dedicated PR professional embedded within their team on a flexible basis, providing vital counsel and support for their communications needs.

8 PR Secondment Benefits

1. Experienced support customized to your needs. With a dedicated resource well-versed in your industry, initiatives gain guidance from day one.

2. Strategic counsel beyond projects. Secondments offer access to a senior advisor to help navigate complex opportunities and challenges.

3. Perspectives attuned to your business. Bringing fresh perspective and ideas matched to your organizational culture and objectives.

4. Continuity of relationships. A seamless and consistent rapport resulting in effective communications.

5. Fresh outlook with proven abilities.Infuse with innovation with field-tested PR expertise.

6. Surge capability where it counts most. Temporary secondments provide flexible reinforcement precisely when ambitious work is underway.

7. Insider collaborations strengthened over time.

8. Benchmark feedback to elevate further. Provides invaluable frontline insights to propel your initiatives.

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Cost-Effective Solution

By removing the need for a long-term commitment, our Secondment Initiative provides businesses with the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and business priorities - and allows organizations to tap into top-tier PR expertise when they need it most.

The launch of the Eight PR Secondment Initiative underscores our commitment to innovation and client service.

We believe this model will provide immense value to law and tech firms, helping them navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of their industries in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific region.

For more information about the Initiative or to discuss how we can support your firm's PR needs, please email us at ivan@eightpr.com

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