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Public Relations Deliverables

At Eight PR, we take a public relations deliverables-based approach when it comes to professional fees.

We believe that public relations deliverables are the backbone of any successful PR campaign, and charging based on deliverables allows us to focus on delivering specific results that align with our clients' objectives.

Our deliverables-based approach encourages us to be highly efficient and produce high quality results within agreed timelines.

This also promotes transparency between our firm and our clients, creating a healthy and trusting relationship.

Clients appreciate and understand precisely what they are paying for and are rest assured that we are fully committed to delivering results that align with their specific goals.

Charging based on public relations deliverables removes the doubt, uncertainty and ambiguity often associated with hourly PR fees.

What Are Public Relations Deliverables?

PR deliverables include press releases, media kits, social media content, blog posts, and more with each designed to reach and engage with a target audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately achieve the desired outcomes of a public relations campaign.

One of the most common public relations deliverables is the press release as this is an effective way to get the word out to a large audience and generate media coverage.

Another important PR deliverable is the media kit. This is a collection of materials designed to provide information about a client or organization to the media.

Social media platforms such as, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and X provide a way for organizations to engage with their audience in real time and share information and updates about their brand.

Deliverables might be a series of posts, infographic, or the development of a content cluster to build topical authority.

By creating effective deliverables that are tailored to the needs and interests of the target audience, we can help their clients achieve their goals and objectives with tangible assets.

Other PR Deliverables

Blog Posts - These can be anywhere from 650 to 1,000 words and provide valuable information on a specific subject.

Case Studies - This is how your products and services are used to solve a specific problem for a customer.

Interviews - Pitching and securing interviews for you to tell the media in greater detail about a product, service, promotion, and more.

Social media content - These are essential PR tools for engaging with your target audience . and can include posts, images, videos, and stories on various social media platforms.

Thought Leadership Articles - This is an opinion piece that showcases your unique perspective on a particular issue.

By choosing the right combination of deliverables, there's a structure to help build brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and engage with the target audience.

At Eight PR, we work closely with our clients to identify the most effective public relations deliverables for their specific needs and goals.

By creating customized deliverables tailored to the needs and interests of the target audience, we can help our clients achieve their desired outcomes with tangible assets.

Hourly Charging

Eight PR typically charges on a deliverable basis but there are instances when we might charge on an hourly basis.

  • Ad-hoc tasks: If you need us to perform tasks that fall outside the scope of our agreed deliverables, we may charge for these on an hourly basis.
  • Additional work: If a project requires significantly more work than initially anticipated, we may charge an hourly rate to ensure that our time and expertise are adequately compensated.
  • Consultation services: For services such as strategic consulting, reputation management, or crisis management, it might be more suitable to charge an hourly rate, given the variable nature of these tasks.

In these cases, we'll always communicate clearly about our billing structure and ensure that you understand and agree to any changes in our pricing model.

Transparency, fairness and flexibility are important to us, and we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect.

We hope this post answers any questions you may have about how we charge.

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