What Is PR: The Different Types (2023)

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What is PR?

Ask ten people 'What is PR?' and you'll likely get ten different answers. 

Public Relations is notoriously difficult to define, but that doesn't make it any less important as a driver of brand awareness, enquiry generator, and credibility.  

Because PR covers such a wide area it can sometimes be confused with advertising (you pay for space or time in the media), or marketing - technically, public relations falls under marketing but there are PR professionals who would argue that it should be considered separate altogether. 

The reason is that PR has developed into a multi-headed discipline over the years, with many agencies offering services that go way beyond simply 'getting your name out there'. 

These days PR covers so much more. In its broadest sense, PR is about communication. It's the process of creating and maintaining relationships with the public, the media, and other important stakeholders. 

Public relations is about managing the spread of information between an organization and its public and will help you to achieve your business goals, help fortify your position in the marketplace, and protect you when things go wrong. 

That's in a nutshell because there is so much more.

Different Types of PR

Here is a quick overview of some different types of PR - although the line can blur making it harder to separate. 

For example, when working with a technology client, the work may involve consumer, corporate, technology, and digital relations.

- Corporate PR: This involves activities such as media relations, crisis management, and thought leadership.

- Technology PR: This promotes technology companies and products and often involves activities such as product launches, media relations, and thought leadership.

- Law PR focuses on promoting law firms, lawyers, and legal services.

- Financial PR: Also known as investor relations, this promotes a company to investors, analysts, and the financial media.

- Consumer PR: This promotes products and brands to consumers and involves media relations, influencer marketing, and event marketing.

- Social Media: Uses Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other platforms for promotion, writing and posting content, etc.

- Public Affairs: This is engaging with policymakers and opinion leaders to influence public policy.

- Issues Management: This is about managing potential or actual issues that could impact a company's reputation.

- Event PR: This involves activities such as event planning, sponsorship, and media relations.

- Crisis Management: When something goes wrong, bring in the crisis management team for reputation damage control.

- Internal / Employee Communications: Townhalls, newsletters, intranets, etc.

- Reputation PR: This promotes and protects a company or individual.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because the list is almost endless. 

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