Year of the Dragon 2024 - PR Prediction #3


IDC projects that big data and analytics spending in the Asia Pacific region will hit US$42.2 billion in 2023 and soar to US$70.7 billion by 2026.

This surge is propelled by factors like decreased institutional response time, early adopter benefits, and the demand for data-informed decision-making, enhanced customer experiences, and cost-saving prospects.

Our third PR prediction for the Year of the Dragon 2024 combines data with search engine optimisation (SEO), and automation.

We predict there will be a jump in pSEO as a means to leverage data to answer search engine outcomes at scale.

What is pSEO?

Programmatic Search Engine Optimization is the creation of numerous SEO-optimized web pages on a large scale, often using existing data and pre-programmed rules.

By automating the generation of keyword targeted pages, usually from a database, brands can produce thousands of website pages based on a template with information inserted based on the search engine request.

For example, if you type in 'Weather in Hong Kong' the following page may be served.

searching for the weather on a search engine will bring up a recognizable template

Now, type in 'Weather in Singapore' and the following page turns up.

broken image

This is programmatic SEO. You are seeing a template with the insertion of data to answer the search query. The template's look and feel stays the same with only the content changing. The relevant content is served according to the keyword 'Weather in Singapore'.

pSEO Benefits

Here are some benefits of programmatic SEO:

Easily Scalable

Programmatic SEO allows for the creation of a large number of keyword targeted pages, which can help businesses target a wide range of low-competition keywords and increase their search engine visibility.

Better User Experience

By targeting long-tail keywords, programmatic SEO often results in clear call-to-action pages, leading to higher conversion rates compared to pages with vague or unclear CTAs. Travel websites are a good example of this.

Better Search Visibility

pSEO helps businesses rank for hundreds of different searches related to their products or services, improving their search engine rankings and visibility.

Requires Less Effort

Automation plays a significant role by reducing the manual effort required for creating and optimizing content.

Data Driven Approach

Programmatic SEO allows businesses to use data from a database, such as product prices, weather, or location information, to create content that is relevant and useful to users.

pSEO Opportunities

There are many pSEO opportunties for brands with troves of data. Particularly in the travel industry.

With HKers love of travel, and the fact Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Easter holidays are close together, it's travel & tourism brands who stand to gain the most from pSEO in the next few months.

This is supported by a report by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) who said the Asia Pacific region saw a collective inbound count of nearly 265.5 million foreign arrivals in 2022.

These figures indicate that the Asia Pacific region is a major hub for both inbound and outbound travel, with millions of trips being made each year.

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