Year of the Dragon 2024: Prediction #2

Welcome To Zero-Party Data

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Are you ready for a cookie-less world?

84% of organizations in the region are advocating consumer data privacy and welcoming the phasing out of third-party cookies, according to CampaignAsia.

This is especially timely because Google will phase out third-party cookies in its Chrome browser this year, a decision that has been already delayed by two years.

The shift is partly influenced by a growing lack of trust in major technology companies and their handling of personal data.

The elimination of third-party cookies will pose challenges for advertisers in tracking users across the web and serving targeted ads.

However, as one door closes, another opens.

Our second prediction for the Year of the Dragon 2024? Welcome to privacy-first marketing.

Understanding the Cookie-Less Landscape

With the increasing amount of information being shared online, there has been a significant shift in the way businesses and governments handle personal data.

The evolution of data privacy has led to new technologies and regulations that protect consumer privacy, such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The death of third-party cookies means businesses will have to rely more on the data they collect directly from consumers, rather than relying on third-party cookies.

This is a great opportunity for public relations. Why?

Because of zero-party data.

What is Zero Party Data?

Customer-provided data, known as first-party data, includes information like names, email addresses, and purchase history.

In contrast, zero-party data is when customers share details such as preferences, personal context, and quality expectations.

The primary distinction lies in the fact that first-party data is usually collected without customer input, while zero-party data is voluntarily given. Consequently, zero-party data is often more accurate and dependable as it originates directly from the customer.

For customers to offer their information means there has to be a compelling reason to do so.

Whether it's building strong, unique content to help maintain their trust and loyalty, or personalized events tailored to audience tastes and preferences, zero-party data is all about creating meaningful connections.

Trouble At Mill

Although hardly a new idea, zero-party data has gathered steam in recent years with surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and other methods used to collect this data in return for an incentive. Yet these methods have become over-saturated and lost meaning and effectiveness. Go on any social media platform and you will get inundated with these traditional methods of attracting zero-party data.

Saying that, according to this article in CampaignAsia, 92% of marketers surveyed in APAC are already collecting zero-party data, primarily through surveys (58%), social media polls (52%), and email campaigns (51%).

But we believe zero-party data collection means brands will need to become even more inventive to encourage audiences to proffer personal information.

By cultivating strong relationships with customers and providing value beyond simple transactions, brands can enhance the overall customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

Adapting to a cookie-less world requires a change in mindset in how information is collected and, at last, consumers will regain some control over the sharing of their personal data.

Without cookies, these consumers can choose to share specific details about their preferences, location, interests, and needs directly with companies.

This will require PR campaigns to focus on offering personalized experiences, exclusive offers, and relevant content, to encourage consumers to share their zero-party data.

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