Your Media Relations Strategy

A Successful Media Relations Strategy

A successful media relations strategy needs a company to have a solid understanding of the different media types and know which one is best suited to their needs.

There are three different media types:

1) Traditional Media

2) Social Media

3) Digital Media

Traditional media is most often used by companies to get an announcement out to the public in order to generate interest from the public. They include TV, radio, and print. 

Social Media can be used for announcements but it is mainly used for building relationships with customers through posts and likes. 

Digital Media includes websites like blogs or news sites that are updated regularly. This type of media favours words over pictures, so it’s best used by companies who want to share their story visually.

There are three main media relations tools:

1) Press releases

2) Opinion articles

3) Interviews

Press releases are available to anyone who has a product or service they want to announce or promote and written in an informational giving style. 

Content usually includes the date, the subject of the press release (i.e., what is new), and contact information for media that might be interested in this particular topic, spokesperson comment, availability and more.

Opinion articles are anything from 500 to 1200 words – although there are publications who will take wordcounts over this depending on the subject – and examine a topic for a specific product. 

These articles are non-commercial (meaning they don’t read like an ad), factual, interesting and potentially provide an alternative viewpoint, one that may even go against public opinion.

Interviews provide an opportunity for the spokesperson to connect with a reporter and answer questions on a topic. The result is an in depth article raising the corporate and spokesperson’s profile, promoting the product or service, and telling people about availability, pricing, other information.

In conclusion, media relations is a powerful way to keep a company on the public's mind. By maintaining a positive, consistent image through newsworthy press coverage, a company can develop a solid brand identity locally, regionally and internationally.


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