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Palo Alto Networks on RTHK 3 Money Talk

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Case Study: Greater Bay Area and Cybersecurity

China's Greater Bay Area connects 11 cities, including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen and was initiated to enhance economic cooperation and integration among the cities, promoting the development of a global innovation and technology hub and offering business opportunities for international companies.

However, how do these companies protect their network and data from cyberattacks, a borderless crime, how is AI impacting cybersecurity, and what do companies need to know about their own security posture and entry into the GBA?

Palo Alto Networks On Air

To answer these questions and more, we arranged for Wickie Fung, Managing Director for Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, Palo Alto Networks, the world leader in cybersecurity, to appear on RTHK, Hong Kong's only public TV, radio and online broadcaster.

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This was on RTHK Radio 3's Money Talk segment on the English channel, which is broadcast every morning, Monday to Friday, during prime time and is focused on business, current affairs, the stock market, news, and hot topics. Guests appear in the studio or over the phone, while listeners can phone in or send in questions.

The interview took place at RTHK's headquarters in Kowloon Tong with Carolyn Wright, programme officer, radio, video and podcast producer, and presenter. We've known Carolyn for a long time since she was the programme producer over at Bloomberg Radio Hong Kong.

Wickie Fung being interviewed on RTHK's Your Money segment about cybersecurity and the Greater Bay Area

The interview went smoothly with Wickie, providing expert insights into the challenges faced by enterprises from a cybersecurity perspective, the threats cape, and more.

Listen to the coverage here on the RTHK website, and find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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