Year of the Dragon 2024: Embracing the Mighty Power

Hong Kong celebrates CNY 10-13 February 2024

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Year of the Dragon 2024

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The Year of the Dragon 2024 is approaching, and it is a time highly anticipated by people worldwide. In Hong Kong, Chinese New Year takes place from 10 to 13 February 2024.

In China, Chinese New Year is on 10 February 2024 but the actual holiday lasts from 9 to 15 February 2024.

As the Chinese zodiac animal for 2024, the dragon holds a significant place in Chinese culture.

Known for its power, strength, and good fortune, the dragon is considered the most auspicious and fortunate among the twelve zodiac animals.

From February 10, 2024, until January 28, 2025, the world will embrace the energizing and inspiring qualities of the Wood Dragon.

The Year of the Dragon 2024 offers an excellent opportunity for you to harness the dragon's power and create unprecedented success in your personal and professional life.

During this year, we can expect a surge of vitality and confidence, making it an ideal time for new beginnings and transformation because the Year of the Dragon 2024 encourages taking bold and courageous steps towards a prosperous future.

Traditional Celebrations

Festive Foods

Various delicious foods are prepared to celebrate the Chinese New Year, including longevity noodles symbolizing a long life, while steamed fish is believed to bring prosperity.

Here are some popular dishes:

  • Dumplings: Believed to bring wealth and luck, because they resemble ancient Chinese coins.
  • Sweet rice cakes: Signify progress and growth.
  • Glutinous rice balls: Symbolize family togetherness.
  • Tangerines and oranges: Represent happiness and abundance.

Gift Giving Customs

Gifting red envelopes, also known as "hongbao", is a custom to share good fortune. Inside these envelopes, lucky money is given as a sign of good wishes and blessings for the upcoming year.

In 2024, remember to prepare crisp, new banknotes, and avoid putting in amounts with the numeral 4, as it signifies bad luck.

Some etiquette tips for giving red envelopes:

  1. Gift only to family members, close friends, and children.
  2. Offer it using both hands, with a sincere smile and festive greeting.
  3. Do not compare the amounts with others

Significance of Colour

The colour red is central to Chinese New Year celebrations and represents happiness, joy, and good fortune. You'll see red decorations, lanterns, and clothing throughout the festivities in 2024 and it is also encouraged to wear red during the Year of the Dragon, as it is believed to bring luck and ward off negativity.

Dragon Dance

This is a significant part of Chinese New Year celebrations, especially in the Year of the Dragon. Performers hold up the dragon figure, made of fabric and bamboo, and dance through the streets to the beat of drums, cymbals, and gongs. This stunning spectacle symbolizes power, wisdom, and brings good luck to the community.


As the Year of the Dragon 2024 approaches, it's essential to brush up on your Chinese New Year greetings, as these play an essential role in Chinese culture, and wishing others a happy new year is a friendly way to promote good fortune and strengthen relationships.

To greet friends, family, and acquaintances in Mandarin for the 2024 Chinese New Year, try using the phrase "新年快乐 (Xīnnián kuàilè)".

This popular expression directly translates to "Happy New Year" and is suitable for most situations. Another option is "恭喜发财 (Gōngxǐ fācái)", which means "May you have a prosperous new year".

It is relevant during the Year of the Dragon, as prosperity and success are strongly associated with this Chinese zodiac sign.

If you're in Hong Kong, feel free to use the Cantonese variant of these greetings. To wish a happy new year in Cantonese, you can say "恭喜发财 (Gung hei fat choy)".

Embracing these cultural practices and greetings will help you connect with others and enjoy a memorable Chinese New Year 2024 in the Year of the Dragon.

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