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According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, there are over 12,000 practicing solicitors and barristers (1,596), 939 local solicitor firms, 83 foreign law firms, 36 foreign registered law firms and local firms employ more than half of the registered foreign lawyers.

Hong Kong’s legal services exports were valued at US$468 million in 2022 (up 9.5% from the preceding year). The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre handled 524 cases in 2021, with a total amount of HK$54.6 billion.

International trade arbitrations accounted for 24.2% of the total, 19.5% were corporate, 17.0% maritime, 16.2% banking and financial services, construction (9%) and professional services 5.8%.

In today’s competitive legal landscape, having a successful public relations strategy is essential for any law firm looking to differentiate itself from its competitors and to attract new business opportunities.

Law public relations, or Law PR,is a specialized form of publicity that focuses on the professional side of legal services.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what law public relations is and how it can benefit your law firm.

What is Law Public Relations? 

Law firms use public relations to create awareness about their practice and services. This involves creating content to promote the firm, offices, people, services and to show its expertise in legal matters.

Another aspect of public relations for the legal sector is establishing and building relationships with the media.

The goal of law PR is to present your legal services in a positive light while also increasing visibility among potential clients and other key stakeholders.

Why is Law PR Important?  

Law PR is important because it helps build credibility for a law firm or lawyer by positioning them as an authority on legal matters.

It also helps bring more visibility to the firm through increased exposure in both traditional media outlets and online channels such as social media platforms; most often LinkedIn, but also Facebook and Twitter.

PR helps build relationships with existing clients by helping keep them informed about fresh developments in their practice areas or by providing additional information about relevant topics that might be useful to them.

This allows law firms to become more noticeable in a market that is highly competitive and helps boost the reputation of partners and practices. PR also plays a role in helping to attract new clients.

What is Law PR Strategy? 

This will be a combination of tactics each designed to ensure maximum effectiveness and resulting in the law firm establishing a foothold in the mainstream and trade media and then building on this momentum.

Sample Law PR Tactics 

Law public relations is a specialized form of marketing specifically designed to promote and build the reputation of law firms, lawyers, solicitors, and barristers.

Various media channels are used,such as print publications, TV & radio, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms, press releases, interview, article placements, all with the goal of increasing visibility.

PR Plays Key Role in Law Marketing Strategies 

Public relations is an integral part of any successful law firm’s marketing strategy, providing an invaluable opportunity to get your name out there while also helping you build relationships with key stakeholders and stay abreast of industry trends.

With the right PR strategy tailored for the legal industry, lawyers can effectively differentiate themselves from competitors while also increasing visibility among potential clients; all of which are essential for long-term success in today’s
competitive market.

Law public relations is a unique form of public relations. The desired outcome - increased brand awareness and more business - is the same as firms in other industries, but law PR is different.

There are specific aspects that differ from other sectors that need to be considered before embarking on a communications campaign.

Here to Help 

Fortunately, Eight Public Relations, a PR agency in Hong Kong with an Asia Pacific reach, has the know-how, depth of experience and understands the unique issues and nuances of legal PR.

With our unique combination of media relations, content writing, and legal sector understanding, we are well positioned to help law firms get the most out of their PR strategies.

Our team can provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of effective communications for law firms, practices, partners, or teams and offer best-in-class PR solutions to local and international law firms.

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